Thank you to all of you for auditioning for Newsies.  We were overwhelmed with your talents and feel privileged to have spent last Sunday night watching you step out on a limb.  As in years past, the summer stock production is put on with a smaller cast (compared to our winter shows) so not everyone who auditioned is cast.  We know that with this comes disappointment for some and encourage you to keep on your theater journey, learning and growing.  

For those of you on this list, this is a big show and a lot of work is going to go into it.  Please know that this is a commitment and you need to contact us immediately if you are not accepting your role. 

Next Steps:  

*Rehearsal times for our intensive 2 weeks will be finalized in the next few days so check the YPA calendar so you can arrange your schedule to make ALL rehearsals and show times.  If you cannot make this schedule work, your role will need to be recast. 

*Show up to AT LEAST one of the scheduled dance rehearsals in June (June 17 and/or June 22).  Let us know immediately if you cannot attend at least one of these (times TBD in the next day - check YPA calendar)

*Get your script at the dance rehearsal you come to (More defined roles/solos will be noted at that time)

*MEMORIZE and Practice!!

We are looking forward to working on this project together!!




     Molly O (Finch)

     Amber K (Jo Jo / Mush)

     Alexis D (Specs)

     Mathias W (Race)

     Morgan S (Buttons)

     Noah R (Albert)

     Payton J (Romeo)

     Sarah L (Henry)

     Olivia D (Tommy Boy)

     Teegan Johnson (Elmer)

Spot Conlon/Newsie

     Lily B

Jack Kelly

     Bryce M


     Matthew C


     Noah D

Medda Larkin/Nun 3

     Rebekah W

Katherine Plumber

     Erin M


     Brooke B


     Jacob O

Nun 2, Hannah/Woman, Bowery Beauty, Darcy, Policeman

     Grace L

Nun 1, Bowery Beauty, Bunsen, Bill, Goon

     Emersyn A

Wiesel, Seitz, Stage Manager, Mr Jacobi

     Sarah U

Nunzio, Guard, Snyder, Oscar Delancey

     Phoebe K


     Mathias W

Morris Delancey, Mayor, Photographer

     Andrew FL 


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